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  1. What is a Custom Scrapbook?

    A Custom Designed Scrapbook Album is an album, page, or product created and designed specifically around your photos and memorabilia.

  2. What kind of materials are used?

    To insure lasting memories, only archival quality materials made by top manufacturers in the industry are used here at Scrapbooks by Vanessa.


  3. What if I want a certain brand or product used,can I specify what I want?

    Of coarse! You can be as little or as much involved  as you would  like! We try to work as closely with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction.


  4. What is a Layout?

    There are two types of layouts: single page and double page. A single page layout refers to one side of a 8 x 8, 9 x 9, 8½ x 11, or 12 x 12 page. A double page layout refers to two side-by-side pages (a left page and a right page) that typically have pictures relating to a single event. Most scrapbooks have a beginning single page followed by a series of double page spreads that ends with a single page.

  5. Will you be using my original photos?

    Yes, I will use whatever photos you give me. I recommend that you send duplicates of your photos  in case of theft, accidental loss or damage. 

     I am not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items UNTIL the photos are in my possession. However, if they become damaged while in my possession, Scrapbooks by Vanessa will cover the cost of reprinting.

    This is why we offer free photo digitalizing services with every scrapbook package! (That's a $65 value for every 1,000 photos scanned!)

    Please keep your slides or photo negatives.


  6. What types of themes can I use for a Custom Designed Scrapbook Album?

    Some popular theme examples are:












  7. What is JOURNALING? And is there an extra fee for this service?

    Journaling is text that tells the story behind your photos. Journaling can be brief—a simple sentence or two—or a paragraph that describes the memories that the photos bring to mind. Journaling can be printed by computer or in your own handwriting.

  8. Can you design an album as a gift, even without photos?

    Scrapbooks by Vanessa is one of the very few that offer

    " Custom " Pre- made Albums!

    You supply the theme and a few details, and in no time at all you will have a beautifully decorated album to suit any theme or colors with lots corresponding embellishments! Your gift album will also offer pocket pages for storing additional photos and memorabilia

    ( i.e. invitations, greeting cards, napkins, ceremony programs etc...)

  9. I have so many photos! How do I choose which photos to include?

    Many people like to begin with a “current” album containing pictures that were taken within the past year or for a specific event.

  10. How should I mail my photos to you?

    It's strongly recommend, you use Priority Mail USPS,  FedEx,  UPS  or any shipping company that offers Insurance and tracking capabilities.

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