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1,000 Photos Digitalized


For 1,000 Photos Scanned here's what you get:

  • 300 dpi JPEG scans
  • Includes 1  data disc with your scanned images
  • USPS or FedEx return shipping available (not included in scanning charge) Boxes are available at
  • Your photographs scanned into categories that you have grouped together
  • Vertical images rotated to the correct orientation
  • Your photos returned to you with your new disc

This service is for photo scanning only. Negatives, slides and other media are not accepted . Maximum size of images to be scanned MUST  be no larger than              0;      &# 160;  8 1/2 x 11. (which is the size of standar piece of notebook paper.)


  • SHIPPING FEES ARE NOT INCLUDED ! You will recieve an seperate Paypal invoice via email when project is finished and ready to ship. NO ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED UNTIL COMPLETE ORDER + SHIPPING IS PAID IN FULL!

To get your photos ready for camera-ready high-resolution digital scans, please follow these instructions:


  • Remove all photos from albums, envelopes, etc. Make sure no staples, paper clips, post-it notes, etc are attached.
  • Group your photos- group your photographs into categories, make sure the groups are bundled together well using rubber bands. The contents of your box can shift a lot more in transit than most people think, we recommend that you include index cards with handwritten notes describing the category or year and seal then in seperate envelopes or zip lock bags, BE SURE TO NUMBER EACH ENVELOPE/ ZIP-LOCK BAG! The information you provide with each group of photos will be used  for folders as well as file names in each series of photos .Be sure to include any newspaper clippings,or other memoriabilia
  • If you wish to have your vertical images rotated to the correct orientation, we do offer that service FREE of charge !


STUFF YOUR BOX: Use newspaper or other packing materials to make sure your box is completely full and solid; if your box has extra room, your photos might shift during delivery and there is a risk that the box might otherwise get creased or crushed. DO NOT USE POPCORN for packing your photos. It breaks apart during shipping and sticks to the photos. This greatly increases your chance for bad scans.

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